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Beauty and the Reef Documentary Screening (19th Dec) || Bringing the Reef Back Tour

Bring the Reef Back Tour

Beauty and the Reef - The most Important story in 65 Million years. A film that must change the nation, 10,000 drives to tell the story.
This film takes us on a journey of the worlds largest ecosystem and the fight to save the Great Barrier Reef.
Join documentary film maker Lin Sutherland, and guest speakers on a Q&A panel after the film.
The film’s purpose is not about pointing fingers or looking at one view but to create a big picture conversation plan based on science and facts as best one can do in a complex world.
Organizations’ such as Sea Shepherd, Australian Conservation Foundation and World Wildlife Fund have all been involved in the production along with leading scientists and environmental experts and are strongly supporting this film.
Documentary film maker Lin Sutherland's reputation in the environmental conservation space has seen her become one of Australia’s leading natural documentary producers. She has completed 65 environmentally based TV shows – each having aired to commercial audiences through networks like Channel 9 and Discovery with National networks in USA, NZ, Russia, Asia, Europe and South America also showing her series.


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