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Clarity and Answer Symbolic Journey Ritual || Kelly Vanyai

Kelly Vanyai

Transformational Hypnosis in a group setting. Use the power of dream-state symbols, meditation and hypnosis to connect to, discover and then transform old beliefs into more powerful higher conscious living.
Gain clarity on your soul’s true desires and messages as well as the blocks that are standing in your way of achieving your dreams. Once you see them you can release them to live a more authentic and aligned life.
By going through not just a meditative journey but also a hypnotic process, you gain access to deeper regions of your unconscious mind allowing you to consciously interact with your dream-state symbols.
If you desire to live a more consciously aligned life then this is a powerful practice to invite into your spiritual ascension.
This is your chance to unlock the powerful meaning hidden in your dream-state symbols so that the lessons and teachings held within can finally be effectively communicated from your soul to your conscious mind.
During the 2 hours we will conduct a traditional plant medicine ritual using Hape to help you gain a deeper state of meditative connection. You can choose to connect with this amazing medicine to help you go even more clearly into your unconscious makeup, or you can just follow the journey without if you choose to as well.
Through music and guided relaxation you will venture behind the veil of your conscious mind into a place where you are connected to the entire universe and beyond. The answers are inside you when you know where to look.
The symbolic journey is one of the most powerful Hypnosis tools I use to help my clients find the answers that only they can know. Inside you you hold all of the answers to any problem you are facing or any choice you need to make.
+ Find your right path
+ Gain clarity on why things happen to you
+ Understand what your higher self is saying to you
+ Connect to the answers about what to do next
+ Heal past hurt and release emotional pain
+ Understand and love yourself on a deeper level than ever before
Once we have been through the journey we will explore your symbols to help you discover even more clarity around their meaning and reason for appearing today.
One on one these sessions help my clients gain maximum clarity around what their higher self is calling them to see and do. I am now offering this in a group experience for everyone to have access to the experience without money being a barrier.
If you have been looking for more clarity, you are wishing to connect to your higher self's desires more consciously, or you just love venturing into your unconscious mind's symbolic language, then you will love this experience.
WHEN: Sunday 21th Oct, 7-9pm
WHERE: 37 West Burleigh Rd - The Burleigh Common
HOW MUCH: Hape Ritual Participants $50/or $25 without Hape (Payments can be made via credit card by requesting a ticket in messenger, or paid in cash at the door)
WEAR: Comfortable clothing
  • Yoga mat/cushions
  • Blanket
  • Water Bottle
  • Pen
  • Journal
  • Your intentions to evolve during the ceremony
  • Love and acceptance for yourself and all participants
This is a very unique experience and such an honour to be providing you with access to the plant medicine Hape which has been used in Shamanic ceremonies and rituals for centuries.
Our Hape comes from the Amazon jungle in Brazil and is an experience that allows you to connect deeper with yourself through the power of the tobacco plant. The way we administer the medicine you will find gentle and relaxing. If you have questions about this please contact me as there are many misconceptions about this plant medicine and I would love the chance to help you feel connected and confident with the experience before entering the ritual.

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