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Enlightenment in The Bedroom || Yoni Elixir

Yoni Elixir

Enlightenment in the Bedroom has become the premiere event of the Gold Coast and Brisbane to host the best speakers on the topic of Sacred Sexuality and Women's Sexual Health.

It's in these spaces that women are hearing from and speaking to the experts to find the clues to healing their intimate relationships, sparking up their sex lives and building a deeper connection with their own bodies for confidence in the way they relate.

It's about physical pleasure, but more than that, it's about aligning with and cultivating real, deep and BIG love.


This event provides women with education and a forum for the 'secret' conversations around sex and intimacy that lead to thriving and fulfilling relationships and waaaaaaay better sex.

More Confidence
More Fun
More Pleasure
More Connection

SUPER Early Bird Tix available until midnight OCTOBER 21st!
15 tickets ONLY at this price
Hey Luscious Woman!

You should come along to Enlightenment in the Bedroom!


So much MORE is available for us to have More Pleasure, Ultra Confidence & BIG LOVE and Deep Intimacy, with ZERO Judgement.

And a HUGE part of our lives is in how we do SEX.

They say how we do one thing, is how we do EVERYTHING.

And if It’s Time for You to find that Deeply Connected Love & Intimacy You Know is Possible and You Long to Experience IN FULL....


You can register straight away at this link >>>

You are coming to this event because you want to take your intimate relationships and self confidence into that next level for deeper, more inspiring connections. You want to talk to other women about it. And you want to hear answers from the experts.

Yes, the conversations get a bit raunchy at times and that just adds to the fun! There is so much more to sex, pleasure and intimacy than we got to know in school sex ed. Don't get me started on what a flop that was.

How to not get pregnant...
How to not get an STI...
We got that much out of it...(well, most of us did! haha!)
There are so many more opportunities and possibilities for us when it comes to relating with our intimate partners and our own bodies.

* What about pleasure?
* What about all the types of orgasms?
* What about the ancient knowledge of Queens and Empresses?
* What about the healing possibilities of the right kind of touch and intimacy?
* What about the roles our hormones play?
* What about the spiritual aspects?


We learn real, down to earth practical exercises as well as knowledge and insights from Sexperts... that can then take you out of this world!


💁🏻‍♀️ 💗If your long term relationship is getting a little stagnant or is no longer inspiring.

🤷🏻‍♀️ 💗If you’re in between partners and you want to make sure the next one is the right one.

🙋🏻‍♀️ 💗If you want to open up and activate to receive deeper pleasure (or even how to have your first orgasm).

I gather the experts for YOU to ask the questions.




Have you ever noticed how when you're feeling great in your relationship, you're feeling connected, you're feeling loved, you're feeling actually outrageously freaking amazing...everything else in your world just also feels amazing?

The little things that bothered you before just don't worry you. People you know start to comment how you're glowing and looking fabulous today. People you don't know seem to notice you more and you feel more attractive all 'round.

Everything just seems to fall into place with ease.
You're having fun.
You're getting new clients.
You have more energy.

💗💗It's that 'New Love' HONEY MOON sensation. 💗💗

What if you could have that all the time?

Even after ages with the same partner?
You know there's women out there who have this allure... You've seen her walk into a room and she has this aura about her that seems to come so naturally...

It might even annoy you a little bit because it's just so hard to place exactly what it is about her that just makes her seem to have it all so together!

Well I can let you know that she wasn't just born with it, she's just got her 'turn on',
switched on!

There is just SO much that we were never taught about sex and our bodies as women, that we REALLY should know!

Well luscious lady...NOW is the time to get the owner's manual to your body!

Enlightenment in the Bedroom is a gathering of women, joining together for a fun but deep exploration of our sex and sensuality.

A re-vision of our sex education and a discovery of how sacred sexuality can shift lives and relationships.

It is food, wine, fabulous women and learning exciting insights that will elevate your life, all in the one 4 hour event.


• Your Event Ticket
• A Goodie Bag of Lusciousness
• Entertaining and Educated Speakers
• A chance to win Generous Door Prizes
• A Fabulous Evening of FUN with other Fabulous Women
• Nibbles, Wine and Bubbles
• Some Special and Surprise stuff ~ You’ll Love it!
• Insights You Never Realised You Didn’t Know!

Important and easy processes and practises that you can use at home with your partner/s or alone.

From Ladies who are experts in their field and have evidence in their lives that they live what they speak.

Learn more about how to connect your sex with your spiritual practise so that you can experience those transcendental moments of orgasm that we long for.


More about what you really want and how to get it! so that your sexual encounters feel SACRED & FULFILLING

With other fabulous ladies who are also looking to increase their verve, have some fun and delve into the important conversations!

With ‘Sexperts’ who can answer your tricky and sensitive questions and are able to hold a judgement-free space of love and insight for you.

With YOURSELF! Take some time out to get to know you a bit better…what is it you truly desire? What lights you up and how can you bring that excitement into your relationship with yourself AND your intimate partner/s?


Free to express who you are. They say ‘knowledge is power’ but to me, self knowledge is everything. When you know yourself, you have power over all aspects of your life. Now that’s Sex Magic!

Safe and sensual within your own body. We spend so much time in our heads in our work roles and then we try to relate to other aspects of our lives from there.

Feel the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ in your body so you can be in complete coherence with your true desires


Awaken the depths of yourself within your womb and your yoni. These are often neglected areas where our tissues hold tension and trauma, so we can tend toward numbing them from feeling.

We need to awaken these sleeping giants that hold so much magnitude in their energetic power.

Awaken and ACTIVATE your creative forces within your womb

REAWAKEN your intuition by rejoining the neural connections between your mind and body
“It’s time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is. A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation.” ~ Marcus Allen

Event Speakers


Founded and Hosted by Belinda Wearne, Enlightenment in the Bedroom showcases exceptional, engaging & POWERFUL SPEAKERS who have dedicated their lives and careers in the pursuit of knowledge and educating others around sexuality, sensuality and spirituality which they use in their work on a daily basis.

They are Sexperts that will help you to recognise where you can level up to Enlightenment In The Bedroom. They are inspiring. They are successful in their fields, engaging and they are incredibly generous with their wisdom. You will go home with some insights you just never even considered and practical tips you can actually embody in your life straight away!


Dr. Sharon Moloney, Ph.D


AUTHOR ~ Activate Your Female Power

Dr Sharon Moloney is an author, clinical hypnotherapist, pregnancy counsellor, fertility therapist and childbirth educator in private practice on the Gold Coast. Her PhD explored menstruation and birth as women’s sacred experiences.

Her private practice, Miraculous Moments, is a consciously maintained energy field, dedicated to restoring the sacredness of the female body, the beauty of female reproductive power and our connection to the Earth. Inside this secure container, the invisible energies underpinning the visible world are seen as the primary reality and enlisted to facilitate clients’ healing, autonomy and intentional manifesting.

Clients experience the joy of longed-for pregnancies, practical and empowering birth preparation, rapid resolution of birth trauma, healing after pregnancy losses, healing of menstruation and guidance to find, reclaim and embody the sacred power hidden inside their bodies.

In her book, Activate Your Female Power, Sharon describes in ordinary language what happens at the cellular level during ovulation, conception, menstruation and birth. Her writing inspires others to appreciate the amazing power of the female body to conceive, grow and birth new life – even if we never have children.


Helena Nista



Helena Nista is a certified sex therapist and Tantra teacher.

She has guided more than 1,000 clients to enhance their sex lives by learning the sacred rituals, tools and practices needed for meaningful intimacy.

She helps her clients inject more connection, joy, pleasure and sexual satisfaction into their lives.

Working with clients all over Australia and the world, both women and men, Helena draws upon Tantra, somatic sexology, embodied therapy, couples’ therapy, yoga, breath-work, Tao, shamanic healing, tantric massage and emotional healing.


Belinda Wearne



I am overwhelmingly proud to sponsor Enlightenment in the Bedroom and be your host for the evening.

At the core of everything I do, with my coaching, with Yoni Elixir and these events, Enlightenment in the Bedroom, is that women get to experience the true, deep, love that is at the core of their desires.

They go from their heads to their bodies and hearts.

From their shadows to the light.
From stressed to sensual.

From lonely to loved and loving.

They develop and attract more deep intimacy, More pleasure, More lusciousness and embodiment and connection.

They increase their vitality, and excitement for life.

From shut down to open and receiving.

They release the junk that’s been holding them back, the resistance that’s slowing them down, and the waiting that’s weighing them down.

And they feel more and more and more of their soul’s truth.

From this event alone women have contacted me saying things like...

“I met the most amazing guy straight after the event, and have now been happy with him for two months!”;

“I just have to let you know, I went home and had the best sex and orgasm of my life with my husband!”;

and even a woman who struggled with her relationships with women saying, “I can now walk down the street without spewing unprovoked hate at other women”

...that’s a LOT of transformation!

I LOVE discovering the hidden knowledge of the ancients, of our bodies, of our subconscious and our souls, as well as the new and science based that combined can guide us into our true happiness and love.

I’ve experienced amazing transformations in my own life and I’m so excited to be able to share this wealth of knowledge and wisdom with you in this event.

If you are ready for more pleasure and connection in your life, simply click the link above to register your place and get your ticket!


Helena Nista


A lot of people judge their sexual experience by their orgasm.
Or by lack of thereof.

And there’s definitely more to sex than just the big O.

But the climax is a vital and yummy component of an intimate encounter. And it is something we all tremendously enjoy and cherish. So let’s talk about orgasms!

Most women in society struggle to orgasm. A lot of men don’t really know how to touch a woman or how to bring her to orgasm. Modern society lacks proper sexual education so a lot of people stumble in the dark when it comes to their sexuality.

For many, sexual satisfaction and orgasms become a Holy Grail – desirable but elusive.

Yet, the truth is that orgasms are not mysterious or puzzling.
Once you gain a deeper awareness of your eroticism, you will learn to orgasm whenever you want.

This workshop is an invitation to explore your full orgasmic potential.

You’ll go beyond a quick superficial climax into the world of multiple full-body orgasms that ripple, expand and vibrate through your entire system and beyond.

This kind of orgasms bring deep nurturing, satisfaction and profound joy.

Would you like to become an orgasmified woman?


Sharon Moloney


The female body is sacred and intimately connected to the Earth body.

Because we live in a patriarchal world with a male deity, we don’t usually think of our bodies as sacred, yet they absolutely are!

There is enormous power hidden inside us – if we know where to look for it.
In my talk, I’ll be exploring:

What happens when we DO start seeing our female bodies as sacred

* The biological power of being female
* The natural eroticism of female sexuality
* The true purpose of female orgasm – it’s MUCH bigger than you think!
* How the female body is a microcosm of the Earth body
* Female power as leadership to sustainable sanity

Women will think differently about their bodies – and their orgasms – after this conversation.



use hashtag #enlightenmentinthebedroom on facebook to see some of the fun we had at the event!

- Belinda Wearne, YONI ELIXIR

"Oh what a night! Serious fun & serious learning at yet another incredible 'Enlightenment in the Bedroom' event, presented by Yoni Elixir."


Attending the Enlightenment in the Bedroom Event supporting so many of my amazzzzzing friends and Yoni Elixir. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such soulful, sexual women!


"An Awesome Night, honouring who we are as women. Amazing night, beautiful people, beautiful energy, love it! x"


“I met the most amazing guy straight after the event, and have now been happy with him for two months!”
- Attendee, GOLD COAST

“I just have to let you know, I went home and had the best sex and orgasm of my life with my husband!”
- Attendee, GOLD COAST

"What happens when you put a whole lot of fabulous women in a fabulous sanctuary to celebrate being a fabulous woman and promote the use of a brilliant product like #yonielixir!!??

You get #Creative, #Feminine Chaos at its best! I love this event #EnlightenmentInTheBedroom! Every time it just rocks the party!! Thank you to the most amazing creator of all Belinda (AKA BB ~ Beautiful B) for birthing a brilliant product and a brilliant event."

- Michelle Scott Wilson, THE HIGH CLASS HIPPIE


“There is a supernal intelligence behind sexual arousal, the true purpose of which is to create for us ecstatic experiences of our own divinity.”

― John Maxwell Taylor, Eros Ascending: The Life-Transforming Power of Sacred Sexuality


SUPER EARLY BIRD ($35) UNTIL 21st October (or sold out 15 tix only)


GENERAL TICKET PRICE ($50 from November 5th)

You will also have the chance to purchase Yoni Elixir at a reduced rate with your ticket at checkout. One bottle only per ticket at this rate!

How Do I Get My Ticket?

Just click on one of the gold buttons on this page and follow the prompts. You’ll enter your details, then be taken to the payment page where you can choose to also purchase a reduced price bottle of Yoni Elixir along with your ticket. Then you’ll be sent a confirmation email with all the details … then all you have to do is show up on the night!
What exactly is included in my ticket price?

You get to attend the awesome event, hear the speakers, nibbles and wine will be included as well as a goodie bag of gifts for you. Post event you will get access to the secret facebook group where you can continue interacting with the speakers and your new friends afterward.
What if I can't make it on the evening?

We don't do refunds but you're welcome to transfer your attendance to a future event date, or find someone else to transfer it to.

Will There Be Any Nudity?

Nope, it’s not that kind of event! There will be food and mingling, then speakers. There might even be some moments where you’re up and out of your chairs dancing, and there might be moments of silence. But no stripping.

Is it Only For Women?

Yes, we gave it a go with a couple of guys in the audience and it just didn't feel right. So, it's women ONLY.

How Do I Explain to My Partner That I'm Going To This Kind of Event?

The best suggestion I’ve heard yet is that it will make your sex life better! It’s not about telling your partner that you don’t enjoy the sex you’re having, it’s about wanting to make it even more amazing.

Ready To be Enlightened?
Click to register your attendance then secure your seat at the payment page that follows Your welcome letter & ticket will be waiting for you. See You There!

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Vendor: Yoni Elixir

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