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THE POWER OF F.E.W: Food, Emotions and Weight!

Sharon Fennell

Are you wanting to get back on track after an indulgent Christmas period?
Do you want to know more about the psychology of weight-loss?
Local psychotherapist Sharon Fennell will be delivering a talk on January 17th on THE POWER OF F.E.W: Food, Emotions and Weight!
This talk will deliver you insight into the psychology of weight loss, and how to make sustainable change.
Originally designed and delivered by Sharon in the USA, she is thrilled to be back on the Gold Coast sharing all about the Power of Food, Emotions and Weight, and assisting people to combat this growing weight gain epidemic.
How do our thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviours contribute to our weight?
And how much does our weight affect our behaviour and the choices we make in the world?
How much does self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love play into our ability to lose weight or put our wellbeing first?
In this talk, Sharon explores our relationships to food, weight, our bodies and the obstacles standing in front of the results we desire. Together, we’ll examine the motivations and thoughts that drive our eating behaviours, as well as explore the body we desire and dream of. Through mindfulness applications you will learn how to access the messages and gifts that hide within our food addictions.
You will walk away with tangible tools to help you accomplish sustainable change in your health and body weight. More importantly, you will learn how to un-program yourself from old patterns and beliefs, and create a way forward that is organic, easy, self-loving and attainable.
Sharon will focus on:
  • The brain and it’s role in weight loss and weight gain
  • The Neuro-science of food addiction
  • Epigentetics - The role of environment in your weight loss journey
  • How to form new habits and break the old ones that no longer serve us
  • The role that stress plays in weight gain, and how to best manage it.
  • How to claim the body/health that you want desire and deserve.    
Sharon has spent many years as a psychotherapist researching, and working with individuals on their own struggles around this topic. Sharon also know’s first hand what it’s like to be over-weight and feel really discouraged. Having had her own journey with food addiction and so-called “over-indulgence” and weight gain, she will provide research and personal insights, as well as tools, methods, and the mindset that gave her a more balanced and effortless pathway to sustainable weight loss.
Come along and get some support and an inspiring kick-start to your new year!

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