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Thriving Self Care Intensive: 2 Day Workshop || John Foreman

John Foreman

You are your own best coach, nutritionist, guru & healer. There is nobody else out there that knows your desires, your problems or your body better than you do, you live there.
That's why self care, self leadership, self education & self governance is the ultimate form of health care.
Whether you want to improve your own health & life or the lives of others, this event is essential to effectively create rapid change. In this course you will NOT learn about the fad diets of the world or the next quick fix. Instead, you will become proficient at learning the language of your body and what it is constantly communicating to you.
* How our biology & nervous system is synced to the natural world
* Why your mindset, belief systems & your heart ultimately hold the key to your emotional & physical health.
* How to identify toxicity in foods, personal care items & cosmetics.
*Principles of self care
* Principles of a Naturopathic Diet
* Fasting for health & longevity
* Body systems nutrition
* Elemental Living & Healing
The feeling of certainty that comes with knowing how to care for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.


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