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What are you Craving for?

Awake Your Health

* What are cravings?
* What are they trying to tell me?
* Why is so hard to leave my cravings for sweets/savoury/cigarettes?
In this seminar I'll answer these questions and also cover:
* Different kind of cravings and their meaning*
* Tips and tricks to apply when cravings come your way*
* A guide with all the previous information*
You'll just need a pen and a notebook to take some notes.
Some people prefer to send their questions privately, so if you want send me yours and I will cover them :)
About the speaker:
Hola! My name is Jennifer and I'm an Integrative Health Coach graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and I offer Health and Wellbeing coaching to help you eliminate and understand the stress and story behind your emotional eating in order to have a mindful and healthy eating.
The side effects of this are increase in your energy levels, regain and keep your health in optimal shape, bring your weight to a balance, improve digestion, and much more!
My job and passion is to help you to find the root of your worries on terms of health and help you to have and sustain a healthy and happy life(style) through easy and simple steps that you can include every day.

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